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Avengers vs. Thanos (2013) – TPB

Synopsis: See Thanos’s bid to become a god and lay siege to Earth, with only the Avengers able to stop him. Reprints/Collects: The Avengers (1963) Annual 07 The Avengers (1963) #125 Captain Marvel (1968) #25 Captain Marvel (1968) #26 Captain … Continue reading

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The Avengers (1963) – TPB “Kree/Skrull War” (2008 Printing)

Synopsis: A conflict of star-spanning proportions – with Earth caught in the crossfire! For those eternal intergalactic enemies, the merciless Kree and the shape-changing Skrulls, have gone to war, and our planet is situated on the front lines! Can Earth’s … Continue reading

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The Avengers (1963) – TPB “The Korvac Saga”

Synopsis: He hails from an unimaginable era: the 31st century. Fleeing through the timestream from the pursuing team of futuristic defenders known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Korvac the Machine Man has established a secret presence on present-day Earth … Continue reading

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Incredible Hulk Epic Collection (2015) – TPB vol. 01 “Man Or Monster?”

Synopsis: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner may look like a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma-bomb explosion, he became the unstoppable engine of destruction known as the Hulk! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s atomic update on the Dr. … Continue reading

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Super-Villains Unite: The Complete Super-Villain Team-Up (2015) – TPB

(Is a compressed file, inside is a cbr file) Synopsis: The Lord of Latveria and Atlantis’ Avenging Son forge the Marvel Universe’s most volatile alliance! But when the Sub-Mariner regrets his decision, he finds it’s not that easy to walk … Continue reading

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Avengers Epic Collection (2013) – TPB vol. 16 “Under Siege”

Synopsis: The Masters of Evil take Avengers Mansion! In one of the greatest comic-book epics of all time, Baron Zemo strikes at the very heart of the Avengers as he leads a revamped and larger-than-ever Masters of Evil in an … Continue reading

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Avengers Visionaries: George Pérez (1999) – TPB

Synopsis: This volume collects some of legendary George Pérez’s finest work – including classic confrontations with Ultron and the Taskmaster! Reprints/Collects: The Avengers (1963) Annual 06 The Avengers (1963) Annual 08 The Avengers (1963) #161 The Avengers (1963) #162 The … Continue reading

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