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Green Lantern: Hal Jordan (2017) – TPB vol. 01

Synopsis: EMERALD DAWN Classic stories of the greatest Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, are collected in this new edition for the first time ever! Only the fearless can be entrusted with a Green Lantern’s power ring, the universe’s most powerful weapon. … Continue reading

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Hitman (1996) – New Edition TPB vol. 01 “A Rage in Arkham”

Synopsis: On the back streets of Gotham City, ex-military operative Tommy Monaghan has set himself up as a hired gun. Surrounded by an odd assortment of friends and allies, the Hitman with a heart must deal with personal conflicts over … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis (2004) – TPB

Synopsis: Unleashes a murder mystery featuring some of the biggest pop icons in the world: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. When the spouse of a JLA member is brutally murdered, the entire superhero community … Continue reading

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JLA (1997) – TPB vol. 03 “Rock of Ages” (Self Made)

Synopsis: It’s cosmic adventure on a grand scale as the Justice League faces off against Lex Luthor’s newly assembled Injustice Gang while the fate of the Earth itself hangs in the balance. To make matters worse the Justice League is … Continue reading

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Detective Comics (1937) – TPB “Batman: The Black Mirror”

Synopsis: In “The Black Mirror,” a series of brutal murders pushes Batman’s detective skills to the limit and forces him to confront one of Gotham City’s oldest evils. Helpless and trapped in the deadly Mirror House, Batman must fight for … Continue reading

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Batman: No Man’s Land (1999) – 2nd Edition TPB vol. 01

Synopsis: After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake, the U.S. government has deemed Gotham City as uninhabitable and ordered all citizens to leave. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate ‘No Man’s Land’ live amidst a citywide … Continue reading

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The Flash (1987) – TPB Vol. 02 – “The Return Of Barry Allen” (Self Made)

Reprints/Collects: The Flash (1987) #72 The Flash (1987) #73 The Flash (1987) #74 The Flash (1987) #75 The Flash (1987) #76 The Flash (1987) #77 The Flash (1987) #78 The Flash (1987) #79 Notes: Introduction by Mark Waid & Brian … Continue reading

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