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Wolf Moon (2014) – TPB

Synopsis: Werewolf. Skinwalker. Lycanthrope. Whatever its name, the beast that emerges with the full moon and kills without mercy has been the stuff of myth and legend for centuries. Some think the affliction is a curse. Others claim it is … Continue reading

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Voodoo (2011) – TPB vol. 01 “What Lies Beneath”

Synopsis: As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics – The New 52 event of September 2011, Priscilla Kitaen is Voodoo, a mysterious beauty whose origins and motivations are unknown, seemingly even to her. Regardless of whether she is a … Continue reading

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Winterworld (2014) – TPB vol. 01 “La Niña”

Synopsis: The apocalyptic international comics sensation of an Earth turned to an icy hell is back with all new stories by co-creator Chuck Dixon, and Butch Guice doing some of the best work of his illustrious artistic career, as they … Continue reading

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X-Men: Season One (2012) – OGN

Synopsis: Welcome to the X-Men’s first year — hope you survive the experience! Professor Charles Xavier has recruited five of the most powerful mutants he’s ever seen to save a world that hates and fears them. But there’s only one … Continue reading

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Wolverine: Season One (2013) – OGN

Synopsis: Discovered as a feral mutant prowling the wilds! Recruited as a covert operative by a secretive government agency! Destined to pursue a dream of peaceful coexistence between man and mutant! Witness the birth of the Wolverine as the man … Continue reading

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Thunderbolts (2013) – TPB vol. 03 “Infinity”

Synopsis: INFINITY TIE-IN! The T-Bolts’ new ongoing creative team bursts into action! While the Avengers are away, the Thunderbolts strike! Their goal is to strike hard and fast, to take the entire NYC Mafia before anything goes wrong — but … Continue reading

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Thunderbolts (2013) – TPB vol. 02 “Red Scare”

Synopsis: A new terrorist mastermind rises, with close ties to a member of the Thunderbolts – and his extremist cell has weaponized decommissioned Crimson Dynamos! Meanwhile, emotions run high as the all-new Thunderbolts are tearing themselves apart…and when Deadpool’s not … Continue reading

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Thunderbolts (2013) – TPB vol. 01 “No Quarter”

Synopsis: Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher. Forget the courts, the jails, the system–this team of Thunderbolts fights fire with fire, targeting the most dangerous and lethal players in the Marvel Universe with extreme prejudice. Led by General “Thunderbolt” … Continue reading

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Thor: Season One (2013) – OGN

Synopsis: Among the lofty spires of Asgard, Young Thor is the strongest, brashest and most arrogant god of all. But his giant-slashing, troll-smashing days come to an abrupt end when he’s tricked by his jealous brother Loki into a foolish … Continue reading

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The Mighty Thor By Matt Fraction (2011) – TPB vol. 03

Synopsis: His father in exile! His mother on the throne! Thor’s world is upside down — and what the heck is Donald Blake doing here, too?! As Thor readjusts to life on Earth, all Broxton — and all Asgardia — … Continue reading

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