An ideal Day to fall in Love (2012) – OGN


Super-sneaky Yuu wants nothing more than to bed her perfect twin sister Aya’s hot boyfriend, Kazu! But it’s gonna take amazing timing (and a seriously good wig) to pull the whole thing off. In the end, is all fair in love, war…and outrageous lust?

An Ideal Day to Fall in Love brings bashful and brazen girls and guys together for a romp filled with adventure, surprises…and bold confessions! Just because a couple fights like cats and dogs doesn’t mean their nights together aren’t totally incredible! And will a lucky few even manage to make it down the aisle?


4 pages in color.

Ponkotsu-Works ‘ぽんこつ&#

Ponkotsu-Works ‘ぽんこつ&#

Ponkotsu-Works ‘ぽんこつ&#


John A. Plamer IV

Stephanie Donnelly

Cover Artist(s):
Ponkotsu-Works ‘ぽんこつ&#

Cover Date: August 2012

Cover Price: US $ 17.95

Format: Black & White; Original Graphic Novel; 198 pages.

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