Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) – #1 “The Death of Captain Marvel”


The Death of Captain Marvel. One of the poignant comics ever, Mar-vell succumbs to cancer in this classic and touching story.


The Aakon, Adam Warlock, Annihilus, Cheetah, Controller, Deathgrip, Eon, Gamora, Goliath, Kree Sentry, Magus, Man-Slayer, Mantis, Matriarch, Megaton, Mercurio, Metazoid, Nitro, Pip, Quasimodo, Ronan, Skragg, Stellarax, Stranger, The Supreme Intelligence, Una, Yon-Rogg & Zarek appear only in flashbacks.
The Silver Surfer who appears in this issue was later revealed to be a Skrull, Bartak, as the Surfer could’nt leave Earth at this time.

Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin

Steve Oliff

James R. ‘Jim’ Novak

Allen ‘Al’ Milgrom
Jim Shooter

Cover Artist(s):
Jim Starlin

Cover Date: April 1982

Cover Price: US $ 5.95

Format: Color; Original Graphic Novel; 64 pages

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