Identity Crisis (2004) – TPB


Unleashes a murder mystery featuring some of the biggest pop icons in the world: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. When the spouse of a JLA member is brutally murdered, the entire superhero community searches for the killer, fearing their own loved ones may be the next targets. Before the mystery is solved, a number of long-buried secrets will threaten to divide the heroes before they can bring the mysterious killer to justice. IDENTITY CRISIS is an all-too-human look into the lives of superheroes, and the terrible price they pay for doing good.


  • Identity Crisis (2004) #1
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #2
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #3
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #4
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #5
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #6
  • Identity Crisis (2004) #7


Includes an introduction by Joss Whedon, and Bonus Materials including: “Casting Identity Crisis”, “Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales Dissect Identity Crisis”, and a “Variant Cover Gallery”

Brad Meltzer

Rags Morales – ‘Ralph Morales’

Michael Bair – ‘Michael A. Hernandez’

Alex Sinclair – ‘Sinc’

Ken Lopez

Michael ‘Mike’ Carlin
Valerie D’Orazio
Robert ‘Bob’ Greenberger

Cover Artist(s):
Michael Bair – ‘Michael A. Hernandez’
Rags Morales – ‘Ralph Morales’

Cover Date: August 2006

Cover Price: US $ 14.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 264 pages

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