The Avengers (1963) – TPB “The Korvac Saga”


He hails from an unimaginable era: the 31st century. Fleeing through the timestream from the pursuing team of futuristic defenders known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Korvac the Machine Man has established a secret presence on present-day Earth in the self-created persona of the mysterious Michael. Through such an unassuming guise, Korvac contemplates the elements of a universe he thirsts to command. Yet despite the subtlety of Michael’s machinations, the world’s greatest super-team — the mighty Avengers — catches wind of his cosmos-conquering scheme, thus drawing the two titanic forces into inevitable conflict.


The Avengers (1963) #167
The Avengers (1963) #168
The Avengers (1963) #170
The Avengers (1963) #171
The Avengers (1963) #172
The Avengers (1963) #173
The Avengers (1963) #174
The Avengers (1963) #175
The Avengers (1963) #176
The Avengers (1963) #177


Features an introduction by Ralph Macchio and a brand-new 4-page epilogue by Mark Gruenwald & Tom Morgan that was ommitted from later printings/editions (upon Tom Brevoort’s decision) until the 2012 printing.

Bill Mantlo
David Michelinie
Jim Shooter

Sal Buscema
George Pérez
David T. Wenzel

Klaus R. Janson
Pablo Marcos
Ricardo Villamonte

Phil Rachelson – ‘Phil Rache’
Bob Sharen
Renee Witterstaetter – ‘Eva Ink’
Nelson ‘Nel’ Yomtov

Annette Kawecki
Shelly Lefferman
Richard ‘Rick’ Parker
Joe Rosen
Denise Wohl

Archie Goodwin
Howard Mackie
Roger L. Stern

Cover Artist(s):
George Pérez

Cover Date: January 1991

Cover Price: US $ 12.95

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 192 pages

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