Excalibur: XX Crossing (1992) –


Sidestep, ‘The Chronological Assassin’, has plans of finally defeating Excalibur with a powerful suit that is able to induce out-of-space stasis!


While Joe Mad did the outer cover, Sam Kieth drew the interior cover.

Scott Lobdell

Malcolm Jones III
Jae Lee
Rick Leonardi
Steve Lightle
Ron Lim
Joe Madureira – ‘Joe Mad!’
Brian Stelfreeze
Dwayne Turner

Alan J.M. ‘Al’ Gordon
Malcolm Jones III
Jae Lee
Shawn McManus
Jimmy Palmiotti
Josef ‘Joe’ Rubinstein
Al Williamson

Kelly P. Corvese
Dana Moreshead
Kevin M. Tinsley – ‘Stick / Stickman’

Janice Chiang
Michael ‘Mike’ Higgins – ‘Ul Higgins’

Terry Kavanagh

Cover Artist(s):
Joe Madureira – ‘Joe Mad!’
Bob Wiacek

Cover Date: July 1992

Cover Price: US $ 2.50

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 50 pages.

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