The Flash Archives (1996) – TPB vol. 01


While working in his lab, police scientist Barry Allen was struck by lightning at the exact same time that he became doused in chemicals. But instead of scarring him or taking his life, this freak accident gave him a new one, as the Flash, the fastest man alive. This hardcover epic reprints the original 1950s tales that first introduced the Flash and his colorful assortment of villains. Relive the scarlet speedster’s earliest adventures and learn the origins of one of DC’s classic heroes.


  • Flash Comics (1940) #104
  • The Flash (1959) #105
  • The Flash (1959) #106
  • The Flash (1959) #107
  • The Flash (1959) #108
  • Showcase (1956) #4
  • Showcase (1956) #8
  • Showcase (1956) #13
  • Showcase (1956) #14


Foreword by Paul Kupperberg.

Black and white reconstruction on some interior pages by Rick Keene.

Color reconstruction by Rick Taylor and Tom McCraw.

Written by: Robert Kanigher, John Broome

Penciller by  Carmine Infantino

Inker by Joe Kubert, Joe Giella, Frank Giacoia

Tom J. McCraw
Rick Taylor

Bob Kahan

Cover Artist(s):
Carmine Infantino
Joe Kubert

Cover Date: 1996

Cover Price: US $ 49.99

Format: Color; Hardcover; 224 pages

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