Batman Arkham: Killer Croc (2016) – TPB


Waylon Jones was born with a rare medical condition that caused his skin to become scaly and his appearance to develop progressively into that of a crocodile. Forced to wrestle alligators in a carnival, Waylon decided that if society declared him a freak, he would succumb to his savage nature and become Killer Croc.

Known for his brutal strength and fearsome rage, Killer Croc has been one of Batman’s most physically formidable foes. When facing Croc, the Dark Knight isn’t just dealing with madness: he’s fighting a creature who is more beast than man. But Killer Croc will stop at nothing to defeat (or consume) his prey!


  • Batman (1940) #358
  • Batman (1940) #359
  • Batman (1940) #471
  • Batman (1940) #489
  • Batman (1940) #512
  • Batman (1940) #521
  • Batman (1940) #522
  • Batman and Robin (2011) #23.4
  • The Batman Chronicles (1995) #3
  • Detective Comics (1937) #525
  • Detective Comics (1937) #660
  • Detective Comics (1937) #808
  • Detective Comics (1937) #809
  • Detective Comics (1937) #810
  • Joker’s Asylum II: Killer Croc (2010) #1
  • Who’s Who in the DC Universe (1990) #7
  • Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985) #5

Written by Gerry Conway
Chuck Dixon
Andersen Gabrych
Alan Grant
Jack Harris
Doug Moench
Tim Seeley

Art by
Jim Aparo
Jim Balent
Norm Breyfogle
Tommy Castillo
Mike Gustovich

Gabriel Hardman
Kelley Jones
Dan Jurgens
Rodney Ramos
Cliff Richards
Curt Swan
David Yardin

Paul Santos
Jeb Woodard

Cover Artist(s):
Patrick ‘Pat’ Gleason
Mick Gray

Cover Date: 2016

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 296 pages

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