All-New X-Men (2013) – TPB vol. 03 “Out of Their Depth”


The time-displaced young X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that’s simultaneously more awe-inspiring and more disturbing than any future the young heroes had ever imagined for themselves. And as Jean Grey pushes her powers to the limit, shaking her and the rest of the X-Men to the core, one of the ALL-NEW X-MEN breaks rank…and leaves to join the adult Cyclops and his revolutionary crew!


  • All-New X-Men (2013) #11
  • All-New X-Men (2013) #12
  • All-New X-Men (2013) #13
  • All-New X-Men (2013) #14
  • All-New X-Men (2013) #15

Brian Michael Bendis

Stuart Immonen
David Lafuente

David Lafuente
Wade von Grawbadger

Rainier ‘Rain’ Beredo
James ‘Jim’ Campbell
Marte Gracia – ‘martegod’

Cory Petit

Nicholas Albert ‘Nick’ Lowe

Cover Artist(s):
Marte Gracia – ‘martegod’
Stuart Immonen
Wade von Grawbadger

Cover Date: 2013

Cover Price: UK £ 10.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 136 pages

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