Superman: Funeral for a Friend (2016) – TPB



Superman was Earth’s greatest hero until he sacrificed his life to stop the monster known only as Doomsday. Now the world and those who loved him must learn how to continue on without the Man of Steel. In this time of need, heroes like Supergirl, the Guardian and Gangbuster rise to the challenge and try to continue the Last Son of Kryton’s legacy. But can they really fill the void left by Superman’s death?

As the planet mourns the man who symbolized the best humanity had to offer, Ma and Pa Kent truly grieve the death of their only son, while Lois Lane shoulders on the only way she knows how…by being a reporter. Through all this, a greater mystery begins to unfold, where is Superman’s body?


  • Action Comics (1938) #685
  • Action Comics (1938) #686
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #498
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #499
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #500
  • Justice League America (1989) #70
  • Superman (1987) #76
  • Superman (1987) #77
  • Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) #20
  • Legacy of Superman (1993) #1
  • Supergirl/Lex Luthor Special (1993) #1

Written by
Dan Jurgens
Karl Kesel
Jerry Ordway
Louise Simonson
Roger Stern

Art by
Jon Bogdanove
Brett Breeding
Tom Grummett
Jackson Guice
Doug Hazlewood

Page Count
366 Pages

Print Release Date
April 5 2016

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