Secret Six [TPB] (2015) – TPB vol. 04 “Caution to the Wind”


The Secret Six have never been more divided. Bane and Jeannette have split off from the rest of the group and formed a team of their own, recruiting King Shark, Lady Vic, Dwarfstar and Giganta.

But a deal too good to pass up in the lost world of Skartaris will bring Bane’s new team directly into the crosshairs of his former comrades in Scandal Savage’s original Secret Six.

With neither team prepared to back off, it’s a six-on-six super-villain battle royal!

Plus, the Secret Six trade blows with Lex Luthor, the Doom Patrol and the minions of hell! And it all comes to a final stand of heroes versus villains in Gotham City.


  • Action Comics (1938) #896
  • Doom Patrol (2009) #19
  • Secret Six (2008) #25
  • Secret Six (2008) #26
  • Secret Six (2008) #27
  • Secret Six (2008) #28
  • Secret Six (2008) #29
  • Secret Six (2008) #30
  • Secret Six (2008) #31
  • Secret Six (2008) #32
  • Secret Six (2008) #33
  • Secret Six (2008) #34
  • Secret Six (2008) #35
  • Secret Six (2008) #36

Paul Cornell
Keith Ian Giffen
Gail Simone

Jim Calafiore
Matthew Clark
Marcos Marz
Ron Randall
Pete Woods

Jim Calafiore
Luciana Del Negro
Sean P. Parsons
Arthur Edward Thibert
Pete Woods

Brad Anderson
John Kalisz
Guy Major
Jason Wright

Patrick Brosseau – ‘Pat’
Travis Lanham
Rob Leigh

Elisabeth V. Gehrlein
Rachel Gluckstern
Matt Idelson
Simona Martore
Wil Moss
Rickey A. Purdin
Sean Ryan

Cover Artist(s):
Daniel (Danny) LuVisi

Cover Date: 2016

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 320 pages

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