Renfield (1994) – TPB “A Tale of Madness”


The fascinating tale of the bug eating inmate from Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula. Possessed and impassioned with the zeal of a religious fanatic, Renfield struggles to grasp the need to serve the darkness against his own humanity. In this story he is visited by many of Stoker’s classic characters. See why Independent Propaganda called Renfield, “…a truly classic tale in graphic format” and Comic Buyer’s Guide called “a gothic jewel”.


  • Renfield (1994) TPB
  • Renfield (1994) #1
  • Renfield (1994) #2
  • Renfield (1994) #3

Gary Reed

Galen Showman

James ‘Jay, Jimmy’ Geldhof
Galen Showman

(Story is monochromatic)

Galen Showman

James Pruett

Cover Artist(s):
Vince Locke

Cover Date: July 9 2014

Cover Price: US $ 7.99

Format: Black & White; Digital Media; 170 pages

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