Detective Comics (2011) – TPB vol. 01 “Faces of Death”


As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics–The New 52 event of September 2011, Detective Comics is relaunched for the first time ever with an all-new number #1! Bruce Wayne returns as Batman, and sets his sights on new villain the Gotham Ripper, who in turn has his sights on Batman. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with television journalist Charlotte Rivers, who’s visiting Gotham City to cover the gruesome slayings-while also trying to uncover Bruce’s own mystery. But time is running out as both Commissioner Gordon and Batman work to uncover the true identity of this new serial killer.


  • Detective Comics (2011) #1
  • Detective Comics (2011) #2
  • Detective Comics (2011) #3
  • Detective Comics (2011) #4
  • Detective Comics (2011) #5
  • Detective Comics (2011) #6
  • Detective Comics (2011) #7


Issue #40 is the last to carry “The New 52” brand.Detective Comics (2011) #1 continues from Detective Comics (1937) #881

Detective Comics (2011) #52 continues to Detective Comics (1937) #934

Tony Daniel – ‘Antonio Salvador Daniel’

Art by Tony Salvador Daniel

Jared K. Fletcher

Peter Hamboussi

Cover Artist(s):
Tony Daniel – ‘Antonio Salvador Daniel’
Tomeu Morey
Ryan Winn

Cover Date: April 2013

Cover Price: US $ 16.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 176 pages

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