Vampirella Masters Series (2010) – TPB vol. 03 “Mark Millar”


Collecting the work of Mark Millar’s second run on Vampirella as he takes readers on a journey to the town of “Nowheresville!” Along for the ride is Mike Mayhew and his incredibly realistic depiction of Vampirella throughout this collection. Also reprinting “Fear Of Mirrors” by John Smith and Mayhew. Featuring a cover gallery with art by Mayhew, David Finch, J.H. Williams, Bruce Timm, Greg Horn, J. Scott Campbell and more!


  • Vampirella (2001) #1
  • Vampirella (2001) #2
  • Vampirella (2001) #3
  • Vampirella (2001) #4
  • Vampirella (2001) #5
  • Vampirella (2001) #6


Mark Millar writes the first storyline only, while John Smith authors the second. Subtitling the volume “Mike Mayhew” instead of “Mark Millar” would be more accurate.

Mike Mayhew

(Scanned From Pencils)


David Bogart
Joseph ‘Joe’ Rybandt

Cover Artist(s):
Mike Mayhew

Cover Date: March 2011

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 144 pages

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