Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) – #21 “Marada The She-Wolf”


The art is truly a sight to behold. Words cannot do justice to the level of sheer brilliance that John Bolton has delivered. In my opinion, Mr. Bolton has far exceeded the standard set by Barry Windsor-Smith during his run on Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian. Where Chris Claremont has provided the story and voices for the characters, it was Mr. Bolton that brought them to life.

The book itself is a beautiful package with sewn binding, ensuring that each page opens fully and lays flat. The paper has a bit of a shine, but it is so thick, that several times I thought that I was turning two pages at once.

The only point where this book fails, is in the fact that it includes all of the Marada the She-Wolf stories, and the narrative leaves off at the conclusion of a story, but in the middle of an epic journey. I would gladly re-buy this material if Mr. Claremont and Mr. Bolton could find time in their schedules to finish the tale that they started in 1982.

Chris Claremont

John Bolton

John Bolton

John Bolton

Tom Orzechowski – ‘Tom Orz’

Mary Jo Duffy – ‘Jo Duffy’
Archie Goodwin
Ralph Macchio

Cover Artist(s):
John Bolton

Cover Date: 1985

Cover Price: US $ 5.95

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 64 pages

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