Invasion: Secret No More (1988) – TPB


One of the most epic DC crossover events ever!

Resilient. Overpowering. Unstoppable. By their very nature, our planet’s superheroes have become a threat to the rest of the universe. Now, an alliance has formed between the fiercest, most calculating alien races to pursue a single goal: the elimination of Earth’s guardians.

As war erupts all over the world, Superman leads the charge against these would-be alien conquerors. Can our planet’s greatest champions repel an army of invaders, each with the strength to rival the Man of Steel? One thing is certain: surrender is not an option!


  • Invasion (1988) #1
  • Invasion (1988) #2
  • Invasion (1988) #3

Keith Ian Giffen
Bill Mantlo

Keith Ian Giffen
Todd McFarlane
Bart Sears – ‘Wittman’

Tom Christopher
Dick Giordano
Alan J.M. ‘Al’ Gordon
Pablo Marcos
Todd McFarlane
Josef ‘Joe’ Rubinstein
Philip Craig Russell – ‘P. Craig Russell’

Gene D’Angelo
Carl Gafford – ‘Gaff’

John Costanza
Agustin Mas
Gaspar Saladino – ‘Gaspar’

Kevin Dooley
Andrew Helfer
Sean Mackiewicz

Cover Artist(s):
Josef ‘Joe’ Rubinstein
Bart Sears – ‘Wittman’

Cover Date: 2016

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 256 pages

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