Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) – TPB (Self Made)


Prior to 1990 when the swimsuit specials got their own series numbered by year, issues of the main Amazing Heroes series were designated on their covers as Swimsuit Specials also, though they retained the continuous numbering.



  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #1
  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #2
  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #3
  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #4
  • Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990) #5


Pin-Up Book

Neal Adams
Dan Adkins
Chuck Austen
Donna Barr
Hilary Barta
Howard Bender
Jacques Boivin
Ron Boyd
Ron Boyd
Brian Buniak
Jeff Butler
Eddie Campbell
Paul Chadwick
Daniel Gillespie Clowes – ‘Stosh Gillespie’
Dan Day
David Day
Mike DeCarlo
Stephen DeStefano
Colleen Doran
Evan Dorkin
Lela Dowling
Phil Elliott
Chuck Fiala
Brad W. Foster
Rudi Franke
Dave Garcia
José Luis García-López
Rick Geary
Michael Terry Gilbert
Chas Gillen
Tom Grindberg
Lurene Haines
Bo Hampton
Scott Hampton
Rich Hedden
Fred G. Hembeck
Marc Hempel
Gilbert Hernandez – ‘Beto’
Jaime Hernandez – ‘Xaime’
Matt Howarth
Adam Hughes
Michael William Kaluta – ‘Michael Wm. Kaluta / Mike Kaluta’
Mike Kazaleh
Corky C. Lehmkuhl
Steve Leialoha
Vince Locke
Gary Martin
Mark Martin
Ted McKeever
Tom McWeeney
Will A. Meugniot
Grant Miehm
Mike Mignola
Jim Mooney
Gray Morrow – ‘Dwight Graydon Morrow’
Mark A. Nelson
Art Nichols
Graham Nolan
Mitch O’Connell
Jerry Ordway
Arnold Pander
Bruce D. Patterson
Sandy Plunkett
Steve Purcell
Joshua Quagmire
Barb Rausch
Trina Robbins
Jim Rohn
Josef ‘Joe’ Rubinstein
Scott Saavedra
Arn Saba – ‘Katherine Shannon Collins’
Stan Sakai
Eric Shanower
Scott Shaw!
Bill Sienkiewicz
Donald Edward Simpson – ‘Dandy Don’
Joe Staton
Tom Stazer
Dan Steffan
Steve Stiles
Richard G. Taylor – ‘R. G. Taylor’
Ty Templeton
Ty Templeton
Brian Thomas
Frank Thorne
Anthony Van Bruggen
Charles Dana Vess
Mike Vosburg – ‘Voz’
Reed Waller
Taral Wayne
Mark Obie Wheatley
Bill Willingham
Mary Wilshire
John Workman
Phil Yeh
Paul Young

Kim Thompson

Cover Artist(s):
Adam Hughes

Cover Date: 2017

Format: Color and Black & White; Trade Paperback; 524 pages

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