Suicide Squad (1987) – TPB vol. 02 “The Nightshade Odyssey”


Discover John Ostrander’s classic series and the origins of the criminal cadre starring in next summer’s feature film, Suicide Squad! Friends or foes? That is the question that must be answered when Batman and the Justice League learn of the team’s existence. The Dark Knight confronts Amanda Waller, which leads to a standoff that could end the Suicide Squad forever. While the team is sent to take down the island headquarters of a Colombian drug cartel, Rick Flagg takes an all-new Suicide Squad on a deadly mission that sees them go head-to-head with the Doom Patrol! Finally, the Squad faces the Justice League in hostile territory—and it may not be possible for either side to survive. All of this leads to an extra-dimensional journey to discover who, or what, their teammate Nightshade actually is.


  • Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special (1988) Special 1
  • Justice League International (1987) #13
  • Secret Origins (1986) #28
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #9
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #10
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #11
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #12
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #13
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #14
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #15
  • Suicide Squad (1987) #16

John Marc ‘J.M.’ DeMatteis
Keith Ian Giffen
Paul Kupperberg
John Ostrander

Keith Ian Giffen
Erik Larsen
Luke McDonnell

Alan J.M. ‘Al’ Gordon
Malcolm Jones III
Bob Lewis
Luke McDonnell

Gene D’Angelo
Julianna Ferriter
Carl Gafford – ‘Gaff’

Steve Haynie
Todd Klein
Todd Klein
Bob Lappan

Robert ‘Bob’ Greenberger
Andrew Helfer

Cover Artist(s):
Jerry Bingham

Cover Date: 2015

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 272 pages

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