Jack Kirby’s The Prisoner (circa 1976)

THE PRISONER is about to be adapted as a miniseries on AMC (to air next week), but I have a hunch Kirby’s aborted adaptation would have been much more epic. I first came across this art in the pages of TwoMorrows’ KIRBY COLLECTOR. Here’s what a guy online named Klint Finley wrote about the history of THE PRISONER in comics:

“References to The Prisoner in comics are many, but to my knowledge only two licensed Prisoner comics have been attempted: one, a four-part sequel by Dean Motter and Mark Askwith, published by DC in 1988-89; the other, an unpublished adaptation from Marvel Comics, written and drawn by none other than Jack Kirby! This unfinished, seventeen-page story, what was to have been the first in a series, was created by Kirby and partially inked and lettered by Mike Royer in the Summer of 1976 (to be published in Nov. ‘76, with a Feb. ‘77 cover date). Since Marvel scrapped the project, this single episode is all that remains of Kirby’s plans for the series.”

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