Batman: Dark Allegiances (1996) – OGN


It’s the late 1930s and daring industrialist Bruce Wayne masquerades as the Batman at night, fighting against crooked politicians and racist secret societies. The media spins his existence into an entire legion of Batmen, red threats against the American way of life. Along the way, Bruce is aided by his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth as he is drawn into a web of blackmail and deceit involving beautiful film star Kitty Grimalkin, and uncovers a plot that might set off a world war.

Howard V. Chaykin

Howard V. Chaykin

Howard V. Chaykin

Howard V. Chaykin
Allen Jamison – ‘Jamison/Jamison Services’

Ken Bruzenak

Jordan B Gorfinkel – ‘Gorf’
Dennis ‘Denny’ O’Neil

Cover Artist(s):
Howard V. Chaykin
Tommy Lee Edwards

Cover Date: 1996

Cover Price: US $ 5.95

Format: Color; Original Graphic Novel; 64 pages

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