The Survivor (1990) – TPB


Trapped in an underwater cave when the bombs go off, Aude survives the apparent elimination of the human race. Despite the fact that she might be the only woman alive in Europe, all she can think about is sex. She finally takes a robot lover, Ulysses. When a surviving human male arrives (he was an astronaut exploring the moons of Pluto) the robot can’t handle the competition and kills him.


Translated by Dwight Decker

Reprints La Survivante (1985)


  • The Survivor (1990) #1
  • The Survivor (1990) #2
  • The Survivor (1990) #3
  • The Survivor (1990) #4

Dwight R. Decker
Paul Gillon

Paul Gillon

Paul Gillon

Paul Gillon

Bernd Metz

Cover Artist(s):
Paul Gillon

Cover Date: 2017 (Self-Made)

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 197 pages.

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