Doom Patrol (1987) – 2016 Edition TPB vol. 01 “Book One”


  • 1992 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards – Nominee – Best Continuing Series


The groundbreaking series from Grant Morrison that led American comics in a wholly unexpected direction.

Originally conceived in the 1960s by the visionary team of writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani, the Doom Patrol was reborn a generation later through Grant Morrison’s singular imagination.

Though they are super-powered beings, and though their foes are bent on world domination, convention ends there. Shunned as freaks and outcasts, and tempered by loss and insanity, this band of misfits faces threats so mystifying in nature and so corrupted in motive that reality itself threatens to fall apart around them-but it’s still all in a day’s work for the Doom Patrol.


Doom Patrol v2 started out as a mainstream DC title by Paul Kupperberg before transferring into the hands of Grant Morrison, who led it towards jumping to Vertigo. The book became part of the Vertigo imprint as of issue 64 (Rachel Pollack’s first issue) until the end of its run. The original logo (issues 1-18) was designed by Todd Klein.

Introduction by Tom Peyer.

Foreward by Grant Morrison.


  • Doom Patrol (1987) #19
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #20
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #21
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #22
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #23
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #24
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #25
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #26
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #27
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #28
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #29
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #30
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #31
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #32
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #33
  • Doom Patrol (1987) #34

Grant Morrison

Doug Braithwaite – ‘Dougie’
Richard Case – ‘(Modern Age artist)’

Carlos Garzon
Scott Hanna
John Nyberg

Daniel Vozzo
Michele Wolfman

John E. Workman Jr.

Shelly Bond
Robert ‘Bob’ Greenberger
Scott Nybakken
Mark Waid
Jeb Woodard
Art Young

Cover Artist(s):
Brian Bolland

Cover Date: 2016

Cover Price: US $ 29.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 424 pages

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