Jirni TPB Vol. 2 (2016)


Her perilous quest resumes! Ara has returned-and has left more than her homeland behind, as her journey brings her to sea along with Boro and his band of pirates. However, what new wonders-and dangers-await Ara on their next stop? And will she be able to survive the experience? The world of Jirni explodes into uncharted territory as Ara’s epic story continues!


  • Jirni (2015) – #1
  • Jirni (2015) – #2
  • Jirni (2015) – #3
  • Jirni (2015) – #4
  • Jirni (2015) – #5

Jeffrey T. Krul – ‘J.T. Krul’

V Ken Marion

Mark Roslan – ‘Roz’

Juan Fernandez

Joshua ‘Josh’ Reed

Vince Hernandez
Frank Mastromauro

Cover Artist(s):
V Ken Marion
Peter Steigerwald

Cover Date: February 10 2016

Cover Price: US $ 7.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 128 pages

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