Everafter (2016) – TPB vol. 01 “The Pandora Protocol”


Spinning off from the Eisner Award-winning FABLES, the magical and the mundane now coexist in an uneasy and fractured peace. Some of the remaining Fables seek to use their freshly revealed powers for the greater good. Others, however, have darker desires and instead plot to unleash supernatural terror on an unprecedented scale.

It’s a brave new world-and the Shadow Players are the bravest of them all. This elite network of agents-Fable and Mundy alike-travel the globe to battle the magical threats that have arisen across the newly enchanted Earth. They include such legendary Fables as Peter Piper and Bo Peep, and Connor Wolf, the rookie on the team.

Ruthless mercenaries. Ancient artifacts. Undead hordes. The Shadow Players must take them all on-and guard against corruption from within-if the world is to have its happy ending.


  • Everafter (2016) #1
  • Everafter (2016) #2
  • Everafter (2016) #3
  • Everafter (2016) #4
  • Everafter (2016) #5
  • Everafter (2016) #6

Dave Justus
Matthew Sturges

Travis Moore
Steve Rolston

Travis Moore
Ande J. Parks

Michael E. Wiggam

Todd Klein

Shelly Bond
Maggie Howell
Ellie Pyle
Jamie S. Rich
Rowena Yow

Cover Artist(s):
Tula Lotay

Cover Date: May 2017

Cover Price: US $ 16.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 137 pages.

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