Venom (2003) – TPB vol. 03 “Twist”


It’s symbiote vs. symbiote, and Spider-Man is forced to play damage control as the two bloodthirsty Venom creatures cause havoc in the city! Patricia Robertson must gain control of the alien symbiote that’s eating away at her long enough to kill the original Venom, Eddie Brock. But Spider-Man has other plans and enlists the help of the Fantastic Four.


  • Venom (2003) #14
  • Venom (2003) #15
  • Venom (2003) #16
  • Venom (2003) #17
  • Venom (2003) #18

Daniel Way

Skottie Young

Richard Lee Ketcham – ‘Rick’

Studio F

Virtual Calligraphy
Cory Petit

Axel Alonso
Jennifer Grünwald
John Miesegaes
Joe Quesada
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Clayton Crain

Cover Date: 2005

Cover Price: US $ 13.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 122 pages.

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