Frank Thorne’s Red Sonja Art Edition (2014) – HC vol. 03

The third and final volume in Dynamite Entertainment’s Red Sonja Art Edition line dedicated to fantasy illustration’s shining star, Frank Thorne! The defining She-Devil artist shares his original storyboards from the issue #7 through #11 of the acclaimed 1970s Red Sonja comic book series. Scanned in high-resolution color and printed at original size, this gorgeous hardcover collection preserves every detail of the artist’s meticulous skill and hard work, while simultaneously presenting a complete storyline for all to enjoy.


  • Red Sonja (1977) #7
  • Red Sonja (1977) #8
  • Red Sonja (1977) #9
  • Red Sonja (1977) #10
  • Red Sonja (1977) #11

Claire Noto
Roy Thomas

Frank Thorne

Frank Thorne

(Story is Monochrome/Color Mix)

Frank Thorne

Josh Johnson

Cover Artist(s):
Frank Thorne

Cover Date: April 2015

Cover Price: US $ 150.00

Format: Black & White; Hardcover; 104 pages

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