Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor (2003) – TPB vol. 15


When the Time-Twisters seek to destroy Earth, Thor embarks on an adventure with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. It’s a battle through time (with dinosaurs!) that will impress you to the end! Then, Thor fights the Firelord in the jungles of Latin America — and only Jane Foster can save him! The Warriors Three ramble off on a solo adventure, while Thor returns to Asgard to face the one and only Mangog! Their battle will rage across the Fabled Realm, taking Thor to Hel in a quest to save Odin! Plus: the return of “Tales of Asgard,” Thor vs. Ulik the Troll and a giant-sized epic featuring Hercules!


  • Marvel Spotlight (1971) #30
  • Thor (1966) Annual 05
  • Thor (1966) #242
  • Thor (1966) #243
  • Thor (1966) #244
  • Thor (1966) #245
  • Thor (1966) #246
  • Thor (1966) #247
  • Thor (1966) #248
  • Thor (1966) #249
  • Thor (1966) #250
  • Thor (1966) #251
  • Thor (1966) #252
  • Thor (1966) #253
  • Thor (1966) #254

Steve Englehart
David Anthony Kraft
Len Wein

John Buscema
Pablo Marcos

Tony DeZuniga
Pablo Marcos
Joe Sinnott

Marie Severin
Don Warfield
Glynis Wein

John Costanza
Joe Rosen
Tony San Jose
Irving ‘Irv’ Watanabe

Archie Goodwin
Len Wein

Cover Artist(s):
Jack ‘King’ Kirby
John Romita Sr.
John ‘Jumbo Johnny’ Verpoorten

Cover Date: March 2016

Cover Price: US $ 75.00

Format: Color; Hardcover; 304 pages

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