Spider-Woman (2015) – TPB vol. 01 “Spider-Verse”


Jessica Drew has been an agent of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.W.O.R.D., an Avenger and more — but nothing could prepare her for the multidimensional insanity of Spider-Verse! A war is brewing, and every spider-character in the multiverse is a target! But being a target is something Jessica Drew just won’t abide. She’s a woman with a mission. And with Silk — the newest spider on the block — at her side, she’ll need to put all her training to the test if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive! Now, undercover in the most dangerous place in the multiverse, Spider-Woman is in the tightest spot she’s ever been in. What if even succeeding with her mission means her death? And can Silk handle a solo mission? Plus: Spider-Woman’s classic debut!


  • Spider-Woman (2015) #1
  • Spider-Woman (2015) #2
  • Spider-Woman (2015) #3
  • Spider-Woman (2015) #4

Dennis Hopeless

W. Scott Forbes
Greg Land

W. Scott Forbes
Jay Leisten

Frank G. D’Armata – ‘fgd’
W. Scott Forbes

Travis Lanham

Axel Alonso
Charles Beacham
Nicholas Albert ‘Nick’ Lowe

Cover Artist(s):
Morry Jay Hollowell – ‘MO!’
Greg Land

Cover Date: 2015

Cover Price: US $ 15.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 112 pages

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