Captain America: Bicentennial Battles (2005) – TPB


Commemorating America’s Bicentennial! Check out Captain America’s time-bending adventure as told by Marvel legend and Cap co-creator, Jack Kirby! A history lesson through the ages…starring the First Avenger!


  • Captain America (1968) #201
  • Captain America (1968) #202
  • Captain America (1968) #203
  • Captain America (1968) #204
  • Captain America (1968) #205
  • Marvel Treasury Special Featuring Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles (1976) #1

Jack ‘King’ Kirby

Jack ‘King’ Kirby

Frank Giacoia
John Romita Sr.
Herb Trimpe
John ‘Jumbo Johnny’ Verpoorten
Barry Windsor-Smith – ‘Barry Smith’

Janice Cohen
Phil Rachelson – ‘Phil Rache’
George Roussos – ‘George Bell / T.S. Chu / Sam Kato’
Michele Wolfman

John Costanza
James R. ‘Jim’ Novak
Hubert Paley – ‘Hugh’
Gaspar Saladino – ‘Gaspar’

Archie Goodwin
Jennifer Grünwald
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Jack ‘King’ Kirby
Chris Sotomayor – ‘Soto’

Cover Date: 2005

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 81 pages.

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