Carnage (2016) – TPB vol. 01 “The One That Got Away”


The sickest symbiote of all is back, and the result is gonna be Carnage! Cletus Kasady has renewed his killing spree, and the FBI is following the trail of bodies. They think they’re ready: They have the latest sonic tech, and a specialist team including military hero/astronaut John Jameson and a reformed Eddie Brock! And when they pursue Carnage into an abandoned coal mine, the trap is set — but is it for him, or for them? As the walls close in, things get hairy for Jameson, and Brock itches to unleash his own monstrous other half: Toxin! A symbiotic smackdown is on the cards — but who will come out on top? Meanwhile, the Darkhold Cult has its own plans for everybody’s favorite psychopath — and that can’t mean anything good! All-New! All-Different! All killer no filler!


  • All-New, All-Different Point One (2015) #1
  • Carnage (2016) #1
  • Carnage (2016) #2
  • Carnage (2016) #3
  • Carnage (2016) #4
  • Carnage (2016) #5


Reprints only the story “Night Work” from All-New, All Different Point One #1.

Gerry Conway

Mike Perkins

Mike Perkins

Andy Troy

Virtual Calligraphy
Joe Sabino

Axel Alonso
Devin Lewis
Nicholas Albert ‘Nick’ Lowe
Alex Starbuck

Cover Artist(s):
Mike del Mundo

Cover Date: 2016

Cover Price: US $ 15.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 120 pages

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