Captain America (2013) – TPB vol. 05 “The Tomorrow Soldier”


This is it! The final chapter of the story that began in Dimension Z! After Cap’s earth-shaking battle against the Iron Nail, Steve Rogers is Captain America no more! But can he survive his new situation as a face from the past hunts him? Meanwhile, two of Cap’s oldest foes continue their plan: Arnim Zola and the Red Skull! Zola wages war on New York– but without Cap to lead them, can the Avengers stop the Bio-Fanatic’s plot for revenge? As the Falcon faces a secret from Cap’s past, Zola unleashes his hyper-mutates, and Jet Black joins the battle — to the death! The Red Skull’s long game is revealed as the road to AXIS begins! But Zola and the Skull didn’t anticipate a new player in the game: Who is the all-new Captain America?!


  • Captain America (2013) #22
  • Captain America (2013) #23
  • Captain America (2013) #24
  • Captain America (2013) #25
  • Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration (2014) #1

Rick Remender

Stuart Immonen
Carlos Pacheco
Paul Renaud

Paul Renaud
Mariano Taibo
Wade Von Grawbadger

Veronica ‘Vero’ Gandini
Marte Gracia – ‘martegod’
Lee Loughridge
Sonia Oback
Dean V. White

Joe Caramagna

Tom Brevoort

Cover Artist(s):
Carlos Pacheco
Dean V. White

Cover Date: 2015

Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 136 pages

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